Our Websites

We started out in the language course sector and that market continues to represent the focus of our business.

To date, over 10,000 clients have booked their language course packages via our numerous web sites.


Our current portfolio of language-based sites includes websites specially designed for Universities. Also we have more general purposes websites for Schools.

A one-stop shop for Spanish language courses at a selection of top private language schools and universities in Spain.

A Spanish language learning portal offering a wealth of free online study resources and an active learning community. In addition, the site offers clients the ability to register for Spanish courses throughout Spain and Latin America.

This site provides all-inclusive Spanish language packages at four of Spain’s most prestigious universities. Clients can access highly-personalized course, accommodation, and support services.


Salamanca-University.org, Malaga-University.org, Madrid-University.es, Barcelona-University.es: A series of institution-specific sites providing registration and accommodation booking services for Salamanca University, Malaga University, the University of Madrid (Antonio Nebrija), and the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

This site is aimed at foreign students with a desire to study Spanish at a top quality university. It makes gathering information about Spain’s top universities, securing convenient accommodation and registering for courses, a quick and hassle-free process.

This site offers information about more than 25 foreign language study destinations worldwide. It is aimed at Spanish university students who have been awarded a government scholarship to study abroad.

The official site for Canarias Cultural International Spanish School in the Canary Islands.

Other company websites

At Accom Consulting, we’re always on the lookout for new and promising opportunities in the world of online business. We frequently embark on new projects that show significant potential to enhance our existing revenue streams.A good example would be our Spanish tourist guide website, that complements our existing language and property sites.

A comprehensive traveler’s guide to Spain’s top tourist destinations.

Although this website hasn't been updated for years and was created for internal training, most of the online marketing concepts and strategies are still relevant today.


As a result of our dedication to language, learning and personal development, we also operate a suite of websites that combine language learning with sporting activities. Our current sites in this sector include

Ertheo.com/en Summer Camps, high performance sports academies, US sports scholarships and much more.

Ertheo.com Campamentos de verano, programas deportivos de alta rendimiento y becas deportivas para USA.

Ertheo.com/en/Soccer, Ertheo.com/Futbol: These English and Spanish language sister sites offer combined language and football camps at some of Europe’s top football clubs, including Real Madrid, Manchester United, and AC Milan, as well as many other soccer-related services.

Tennis Summer Camps, Campamentos de Verano de Tenis: These sites offer summer and full-year tennis camps combined with language classes or traditional studies.

Ertheo.com/en/Golf, Ertheo.com/Golf: As well as tennis and soccer camps, we also offer summer golf camps combined with language programs.